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Concealed Carry Classes - Classroom and Range

All Personal Protection Consultants are licensed by the state.


Personal Protection Consultants (PPC) is dedicated to providing safe, responsible and  realistic defensive firearms training for both civilians and law enforcement.  In addition to high quality instruction in the use of the handgun, shotgun and rifle, PPC also offers courses in close quarter hand to hand combat, knife training, stick fighting, the combat cane, improvised weapons, weapon retention/disarms and the tactical treatment of gunshot and knife wounds.

At PPC we feel that responsible firearms instruction classes should not only teach you how to shoot, we also teach when to shoot and especially when not to shoot.  We place a heavy emphasis on understanding the legal, moral, psychological, and financial implications of being involved in a  defensive shooting situation and encourage avoidance and disengagement whenever possible.

At PPC we understand that different people pursue firearms training for many different reasons.  Law enforcement and private security must maintain a certain level of proficiency as a condition of employment because their lives are on the line every day.  Competition shooters may want to increase their speed and accuracy.  Many want to train for that fateful day that they hope never happens and want to be equipped and prepared to survive a lethal encounter.  Whatever your reasons, needs or desires, we want to offer the training that will meet the specific need of the particular individual.   PPC training is available to people of all racial, ethnic, and cultural persuasions, and all socio-economic backgrounds.  We only ask that you come to, class with an open mind and an eager learning attitude.

We understand that different people learn in different ways.  There is no single "right way" to teach or learn everything.  We understand that each individual must learn what works for him/her within the context of their own individual limitations, safety and common sense.

At PPC we understand that effective firearms training must be street relevant, practical and realistic.  How you practice, is how you will fight.  We want to train our students like it is their last day on earth and their life depends on what they do ( because it does).  We also understand that shooting is a perishable skill.  We therefore encourage our students to: take at least one class per year (from us or any other qualified instructor), go to the range a minimum of once per month.  and carry every day, every where that it is legally possible.  We also understand that no matter what you have done in the past, or how good you used to be,  there is absolutely no substitute for live fire practice in order to maintain and hone those skills.

If you own a firearm of any type, for whatever reason, you owe it to yourself, your loved ones and society at large to use them legally, efficiently and effectively.  We at PPC are here to help you achieve that goal.

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