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Concealed Carry Classes - Classroom and Range

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PPC Illinois Concealed Carry Training Course is two days (16hrs.) intensive study focused on the purpose, proper use and basic maintenance of hand held fire arms and the governing Federal, State, Municipal Laws, in a comfortable, professional, community atmosphere. Range Training: will be held at a nearby safe, professional facility. 

PPC Instructors are among the very best in the country. They are knowledgeable, thorough and professional at all times. Your training experience with PPC will be so empowering that you will be compelled to tell your friends and family to complete their concealed carry training requirements with us. Personal Protection Consultants (PPC) is dedicated to providing safe, responsible and realistic defensive firearms training for both civilians and law enforcement.

CLASS ROOM 2548 E 83rd St., Chicago, IL Saturdays 10 a.m.-6 p.m. RANGE SESSION: SPORTING ARMS GUN SHOP 14216 S. Western Ave. in Posen, Illinois Sundays 9 a.m.- 12 p.m. The Sunday Classroom portion will be from 1 p.m.-6 p.m. *Students will need to bring their own guns, holsters, magazines and/or speed loaders and their carriers to class on Saturdays. Make sure your guns are unloaded and encased for legal transportation.

It is important to note that 100% attendance will be required in order to received a certificate. If students need to, they can split their days, meaning they could complete a Saturday on one week and a Sunday on another weekend.

Advanced registration is required for all Concealed Carry classes via the Pay Pal account.  Anyone without a credit or debit card, will need to make arrangements for a cash payment in advance of the class.  Please call (773) 415-1814.

For those needing to borrow a handgun for the range portion of this course, PPC will provide one.

Ammo Up-charge.  Unfortunately, I am no longer able to provide the ammo for the Concealed Carry Class.  The same 50 rd box of 9mm Full Metal Jacket (FMJ) that I paid $13 a box for in February of last year, is currently going for $45-50 per box.  When I checked at several gun shops the last week in February 2021, only 1 out of 3, had any 9mm ammo at all.  The only way for me to guarantee that ammo is available for your shoot qualification is to purchase the ammo ahead of time myself at current day prices!!!  Students will need a minimum of 50 rds of ammo for the shooting portion of the class. The current price for my ammo is $36 per box of 50 rds.

*REFUND POLICY: Personal Protection Consultants will refund anyone’s tuition up to 30 days prior to a class. If someone cannot make a class less than 30 days before a class, their tuition can be applied to any PPC class up to one calendar year after the original tuition was paid.

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