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Concealed Carry Classes - Classroom and Range

Personal Protection Consultants Training Courses

Down & Dirty Street Fighting 101

Real fights do not look neat and pretty, like a choreographed scene from a kung-fu movie.  They are typically unfair, where people employ all types of dirty, nasty tricks to win.  It is the only time when being “civil” is completely inappropriate, and being the ultimate opportunist is the most appropriate thing you could do under the circumstances.  Down & dirty street fighting 101 focuses on tactics and techniques that the average, everyday, unprepared, out of shape, person can use to defend themselves.  It focus on situational awareness, and how to use fear as an energy source to drive your fight against your opponent.  It looks at very simple but dirty techniques on how to get a person “off you”.  This class also focuses on the use and effective employment of improvised weapons that most people either have on their person every day or are commonly found.  This would include pens, keys, nail files, glass bottles, books, magazines, eyeglasses, etc. No matter how proficient you are with guns, knives, etc. there will come a moment when you cannot have them with you.  EVERYBODY needs to have some plain vanilla fighting skills.  This is a one day, six hour class.  Cost: $35.00

Women's Self Defense

A staggering one in four women can expect to be sexually assaulted in America!  19 to 27% of females attending College are sexually assaulted each year!!!  Yet, even in a world where violent attacks are the norm, every woman has the right to feel safe and the responsibility to learn to defend herself. At the Personal Protection Consultants Women’s Self Defense Program we believe one’s power is not in age, gender or physical fitness, but in the art of being prepared. That’s why we teach a range of defense strategies through partner and individual practice, drills and real world scenarios; but most critically, we instill the confidence it will take to apply these strategies when it really counts. To be proactive is to be empowered. Cost: $35.00

Defensive Knife

This one day course is designed for the individual who carries an edged weapon for self defense. Since some sort of knife is legal almost everywhere and can be used by persons of any size and strength this course should be a priority.  This course includes stance and movement, cutting and stabbing patterns, deployment, tracking and targeting, blocks and deflections and much more including empty hand techniques and improvised weapons.      Cost: 35.00

Concealed Carry Renewal classes 

Starting in November 2018, Personal Protection Consultants will begin offering the Illinois Concealed Carry Renewal classes.  Classroom location will depend on the number of students I have registered for that month.  For five or more students, I can rent out my classroom location at 2548 E. 83rd St., Chicago, Illinois 60617.  If I get four or fewer students, I will hold the classroom portion at my home.  The time will be 10:00 am until 1:30 pm.  The range will be the Sporting Arms Gun Shop & Range, 14216 S. Western Ave., Posen, Illinois.  Students will need to provide all of their own personal equipment*: handgun, holster, eye protection, ear protection a hat or cap with a brim and at least 30 rds of ammo for your qualification test.  The rest will be the same as before, 10 rds at 5 yds, 10 rds at 7 yds, and 10 rds at 10 yds.  You must hit the target 21 out of 30 rds in order to pass.

*For those who still don't have their own personal equipment, gun rental will be $5.00.  

Drawing from the Holster

This class is dedicated on teaching how to do this quickly and safety draw a gun from its holster.  Any student who has taken the Drawing from the holster class (at minimum) is eligible to participate in the Periodic Practice sessions. This is a three hour class, 1.5 hrs classroom, and 1.5 hrs range. Cost: $65.00 including range fee and ammo. 

Ladies Day at the Range

This is a special two part class for women only which focuses on an introduction to defensive pistol skills.  Part one is the orientation. At the orientation we will cover the laws governing defensive hand gun use which focuses on when, and especially when NOT to shoot.  Surviving a lethal assault on the street is only half the battle, next you will have to defend your actions in criminal court, and possibly civil court as well.

Part two we will focus on how to shoot. Course content includes how to properly draw from a holster, accuracy drills, one hand and weak hand shooting drills, stoppage clearance drills, tactical and emergency reload drills, contact weapons drills and shoot - no shoot decision making. 

Ammunition requirements: 100 rds.  Cost: $150.00  (includes range fee and ammo cost).

Handgun Practice sessions

Practice sessions are a time to practice and brush up what you should have been doing all year, but probably haven’t.  I rent a range for 3 hours and we practice things like speed draw, accuracy drills, stoppage clearance drills, one handed shooting drills, weak hand shooting drills, low light drills, contact weapons drills, etc.  Ammunition requirements: 150 rds. Primary, 18 rds. For back up gun (BUG). Costs: $35.00 (does not include ammo costs).

Prerequisite: Any student who has an Illinois Concealed Carry License, or has taken the Drawing from the holster class (at minimum), is eligible to participate in the Periodic Practice sessions.
Scenario Based Training

How many people reading this have ever actually been involved in a gunfight?  Do you have any idea how you would actually respond to a life threatening situation?  Have you ever surprised yourself, and did something that you wouldn’t think you would do?  When is the last time someone asked you why you did something, and the only answer you could come up with is “I don’t know”???   I cannot recommend Scenario Based Training enough!  Scenario Based training, is a class using air soft pistols (plastic pellet guns) instead of real guns.   This allow us to create all types of scenarios where people are forced to make close encounter, life threatening decisions without anyone’s life actually being in danger.  Scenarios can include anything from: a homeless person asking for “spare change”, to an armed robbery, kidnapping, suicide attempts, deranged gunman massacres and anything in between.  After all students have completed an exercise, we conduct a debriefing to analyze what people did, and why.  This class emphasizes dies-engagement and conflict avoidance.  Anyone who is even thinking about owning a gun, needs to take this class.   Costs: $80.00 

Tactical Treatment of Gunshot and knife Wounds

This is a unique opportunity to learn what steps to take to stabilize a victim of a gunshot wound or serious penetrating trauma (including knife wounds) for the 3-30 minutes it may take until the ambulance arrives. This may be a family member, innocent by-stander or even yourself. This class based on principles of tactical medicine is designed for home owners/defenders, firearm instructors, and police/security officers.

In this class you will learn critical anatomy, ballistic impact, managing the three major causes of death, using hemostatic agents, using tourniquets, putting together a trauma kit for home and vehicle and other topics to keep a person alive until help arrives. This class is presented both as classroom theory and practical hands on training.  Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds is taught by a  paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department with over 25 years of experience on the tough inner city streets.  Cost: $85.00

All of the classes above will be offered in the immediate Chicago-land  area.


All of the classes below will be offered at  Sand Burr Gun Ranch, 2111 East 350 North Rochester, Indiana 46975   574-223-3316

Introduction to the Defensive Handgun

This two day course introduces you to the fundamentals of modern defensive handgun techniques and safe weapons handling procedures. It begins with a classroom session covering the legal and psychological implications of a self defense shooting.  On the range we cover how to properly draw from a holster, weak hand shooting and transition techniques, stoppage clearance drills, tactical and emergency reload drills, and shoot - no shoot decision making.  This course will consist of 1/4 classroom and 3/4 range.  Ammunition requirements: 400 rds. Cost: $250.00                                                                   

Intermediate Defensive Handgun

This two day course covers bullet selection, performance and incapacitation; effective use of cover and concealment; accuracy drills; speed shooting drills; multiple target engagement; shooting from cover; speed rock; hit and shoot; body armor drills; vertical trek drills; dim light shooting; and contact weapons drills.  Ammunition requirements: 500 rds.  Cost: $250.00

Prerequisite: student must have successfully completed an approved beginning handgun course.    
Advanced Defensive Handgun

This two day course focuses on shooting on the move.  The reality is that when bullets start flying, people DO NOT stand still.  75% of the shooting in this class will be done while simultaneously moving, forward, backwards, sideways and/or diagonally. This class will also cover low light drills both with and without a flashlight, and injury drills which will require students to shoot from unusual positions. Ammunition requirements: 600 rds. Cost$250.00

Prerequisite: student must have successfully completed an approved intermediate handgun course.

Intro to Basic Rifle

This one day course is designed for anyone with little, to no experience, with a rifle.  Unless acceptable proof of training is available, this class should be considered a prerequisite for all other rifle classes offered by PPC.  Course content begins with basic safe gun handling rules and techniques; it goes on to cover the basic parts and functioning of various types of rifle actions, (single shot, bolt action, lever action and semi-automatic); how to sight your rifle in; establishing a proper hold, cheek weld, breathing, and aiming techniques for an accurate shot; the six basic rifle trigger manipulations; how to clear a malfunction; and various rifle fighting positions.

Equipment needed: Preferably a magazine fed, military style, semi-automatic rifle, however since this is a basic class, any type action (lever action, bolt action, etc.) or caliber, including pistol caliber carbines and .22 cal. rifles are acceptable for this class.  A sling is mandatory for your rifle, tactical slings (where the rifle hangs in front of you) are preferable, but a standard sling ( where rifle hangs over one shoulder) is acceptable. Eye and ear protection and a hat or cap with a brim.  Red dot sights are acceptable and encouraged for this class, but magnified scopes are not.  Backpack full of rags, towels old clothes, etc. and old towel to lay on that you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged.  Ammunition requirements: 250 rds of non-armor piercing  ammo (no SS109 ,M-855, or other steel core ammo).

Advanced Urban Rifle*

This two day course covers the effective deployment and use of the semi-automatic rifle.  Course content includes sighting in procedures; trigger manipulations; standing, knelling and prone fighting positions; movement, cover and concealment; stoppage clearance procedures; competition drills, low light and night shooting drills, and much more.  There are several versions of this class with a different emphasis on Movement, Cover & Communication, Close Quarter Battle Techniques, maneuvering in and around vehicles, etc.  Ammunition requirements: 800 rds. rifle.  Costs: $255.00

Intro to Tactical/Defensive Shotgun

Owning a shotgun, shooting a shotgun, & hunting with a shotgun, is not the same as fighting with a shotgun! This course is oriented towards fighting with a shotgun.  This one day defensive shotgun course emphasizes safe shotgun handling techniques, various carrying techniques and positions, loading, unloading and ammo swapping techniques; quick reloading procedures and effective recoil management.  It also covers various shotgun fighting positions, stoppage clearance procedures, and a speed reload/competition drill that you won’t forget!  Either a 12 or 20 gauge, pump action, or semi automatic shotguns are acceptable for this class. Ammunition requirements: 80 rds.  (65 rds. Buckshot and 15 rds, slug).  Costs: $150.00

Rifle Practice Training Sessions

You can practice at a public range, but you need a private outdoor range to train.  Practice essentially involves putting holes in a piece of paper at varying distances, where training involves movement, timing, communication, etc.  Rifle practice training sessions are designed to train on rifle fighting skills, from 100 yds., to contact distance.  This is a one day training session.  300 rds of non-armor piercing ammo (no SS-109 or M-855 Green Tip, steel core ammo).   Costs: $40.00

Shotgun Practice Training Sessions

Of all the small arms weapons systems, the Shotgun is the most neglected.  In order to be effective, like any other weapons system, practice/training to the point of muscle memory is essential.  We review the eight basic shotgun operating skills, and various fighting pastures.  40 rds needed (30 rds buckshot, 10 rds slug).  Costs $40.00


What to bring, what to wear, and what to leave at home.

You should wear a shirt with a high neck line to prevent hot brass from sliding down either the front or back of your shirt.  It has happened to me and others on several occasions and it isn't fun!  Ladies, I’m sorry to tell you that gun handling and long fingernails do not go together, make sure your nails are cut low before coming to class. Large earrings should be avoided as well (they interfere with ear protection).

Eye protection, ear protection, and a cap or hat with a brim is mandatory safety equipment for all gun classes.  A good, quality handgun and accessories are needed for both rifle and shotgun classes.

Equipment needed for handgun courses:

  • A good quality handgun with a minimum barrel length of 3 inches , and a minimum caliber of  .38 spl. in revolver, or 9mm in semi auto.   
  • A good quality holster (preferably leather or plastic) where the top will stay open to allow you  to reholster with one hand.
  • A minimum of three magazines or speed loaders and a pouch to carry them in.
  • Pants that have belt loops.
  • A strong belt.

Equipment needed for Rifle course:

Equipment needed: A military style semi-automatic rifle* with a sling** ,  at least three 30 rd magazines, 5 - 20 rd magazines or 10 clips for SKS or Garand  rifle.   800 rds of non-armor piercing ammunition (no SS-109 or M-855 steel core ammo).  Handgun with holster, 50 rds of handgun ammo.  Eye and ear protection, a hat or cap with a brim. Pen and paper.   A lawn chair or folding chair, water and a bag lunch.  A rain coat or poncho.  Always remember to dress for the weather.

Equipment needed for shotgun course:

For the shotgun course you will need a 12 or 20 ga. , Semi-auto or Pump Shotgun with a sling**, 65 rds of buck shot and 15 rds of slug.

*A pistol caliber carbine is acceptable for this class, but .22 rifles are not acceptable.

**A SLING IS MANDATORY FOR BOTH RIFLE AND SHOTGUN CLASSES - NO EXCEPTIONS, tactical slings (where the rifle hangs in front of you) are preferable, but a standard sling ( where rifle hangs over one shoulder) is acceptable.

Make sure that you check the weather and dress appropriately.

For more information call PPC at 773 415-1814


For those attending classes in Rochester, Indiana, I recommend the Super 8 Motel at 209 McDonald Dr., Rochester, In. 46975   Phone number 574-224-8080.  Tell them that you are taking a class at the Sand Burr Gun Ranch and you automatically qualify for a discount rate.

*If you plan to drive from the Chicago area the morning of class, you need to be on the road no later than 6:30 am to arrive in Rochester by 10:00 am, (that's 9:00 am Central time, Rochester is in the Eastern time zone.)

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