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This four hour course introduces you to the fundamentals of modern defensive handgun techniques and safe weapons handling procedures. We cover: Accuracy drills, a timed ( 5-2 sec.) draw from concealment, strong hand only and support hand only shooting and transition techniques, stoppage clearance drills, tactical and emergency reload drills, shoot - no shoot decision making, multiple target engagement, and a Contact Weapons Attack (target moving toward you) drill. Ammunition requirements: 200 rds.  This class makes an excellent follow up to the Illinois Concealed Carry class which was 13 -14 hrs classroom, and only 2-3 hrs of range time.  This class is intended to improve your gun handling skills.

Equipment needed: A combat oriented  handgun with a barrel length of at least 3 inches.
Note: This is a defensive handgun course, therefore .22's, .25's, .32's, and .380's are NOT allowed. The minimum caliber  acceptable is .38 special in revolver, or 9mm in semi-auto. A high quality holster preferably leather or plastic, nylon holsters should be avoided. You need a holster where the top  will stay open so that you can reholster with ONE HAND.  If you have  to hold the top open with your weak hand, while you reholster with your strong hand, then that holster IS UNACCEPTABLE (safety violation - the muzzle must cross your hand)!!!

A minimum of three magazines for semi-auto’s or three speed loaders for a revolver. A magazine pouch or speed loader pouch (enough for two magazines or two speed loaders). Eye, and ear protection, and a hat or cap with a brim.  A pair of pants with belt loops and a strong belt.  A minimum of 200* rds. of factory (no reloads)  handgun ammunition.

Cost: REGISTRATION FEE $100.00 per person.  For registration information contact:  For questions regarding training or equipment contact Gerald Vernon at or (773) 415-1814

For those without their own weapon, I have 8 handguns available for rent on a first come, first served basis.  The cost will be an additional $5.00.  The weapons I have available are: 4 Glock 19 - 9mm, 1 Sig P-320 9mm (Mid-sized), 1 Sig P-320 9mm (sub compact), 1 Sig P365-9mm, and 1 Taurus M-66 .357 Mag./.38 Spl. Revolver.  The $5.00 covers the rental of the handgun, magazines or speed loaders, holsters and pouches!  You will need to call me to arrange for weapons rental.  If you are renting one of my guns, be sure to read the info on ammo in the bottom paragraph below.

WHEN: Sat. July 25, 2020. 
WHERE: Sporting Arms Gun shop and Range 14216 S. Western Ave.  Posen, Illinois.
TIME: 8:00 am - 1200 noon 
COST: $100.00 per person
Since the Corona virus has not gone away, I am limiting the class size to 10 people, first come, first served. 

* As a general rule, you should always bring extra ammo to a gun training class.  Do not wait until the weekend of class to buy your ammo.  If you are renting one of my guns, DO NOT GET ANY STEEL CASED AMMO, its cheap but not worth the trouble it causes. Avoid the following brands, Wolf, TulAmmo, Brown or Silver Bear, or Herters.  If you are not sure,
ask before you buy.  Steel cased ammo will ruin the gun's extractors. I will not allow ANYONE to shoot that crap out of my guns.

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