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This one day course is designed for anyone with little, to no experience, with a rifle.  Unless acceptable proof of training is available, this class should be considered a prerequisite for all other rifle classes offered by PPC.  Course content begins with basic safe gun handling rules and techniques. Iit goes on to cover the basic parts and functioning of various types of rifle actions, (single shot, bolt action, lever action and semi-automatic); how to sight your rifle in; establishing a proper hold, cheek weld, breathing, and aiming techniques for an accurate shot; the six basic rifle trigger manipulations; how to clear various malfunctions; and various rifle fighting positions.

Equipment needed: Preferably a magazine fed, military style, semi-automatic rifle, however since this is a basic class, any type action (lever action, bolt action, etc.) or caliber, including pistol caliber carbines and .22 cal. rifles are acceptable for this class.  A sling is mandatory for your rifle, tactical slings (where the rifle hangs in front of you) are preferable, but a standard sling ( where rifle hangs over one shoulder) is acceptable. Eye and ear protection and a hat or cap with a brim.  Red dot sights are acceptable and encouraged for this class, but magnified scopes are not.  Backpack full of rags, towels old clothes, etc. and old towel to lay on that you don’t mind getting dirty or damaged.  Ammunition requirements: 250 rds of non-armor piercing  ammo (no SS109 ,M-855, or other steel core ammo).

When: Saturday June 22, 2019
Where: Sand Burr Gun Ranch, 2111 East 350 North Rochester, Indiana 46975   574-223-3316
Time: 10:00* - 6:00 pm
Cost: $155.00 

I have a limited number of Rental rifles available for $25.00 per day, on a first come-first served basis.  Call for rifle rental  (773) 415-1814  This will include the rifle with sling, three magazines, and a magazine carrier.

Please visit our website to reserve your spot, space is limited:

For those interested, I will be holding a Rifle Practice Session the following day, at the same location, 10:00 am-4:00pm. $50.00, 300 rds of ammo needed.   I encourage first time students to stay over for the practice session.  You will have an opportunity to work with students at various skill levels, and get a more practical application of how a rifle is used defensively.           

To register for the class, please visit our web site at:

For more information call (773) 415-1814

For those staying for Sunday's practice session, I recommend the Super 8 Motel at 209 McDonald Dr., Rochester, In. 46975   Phone number (574-224-8080.  Tell them that you are taking a class at the Sand Burr Gun Ranch and you automatically qualify for a discount rate.

*If you plan to drive from the Chicago area the morning of class,you need to be on the road no later than 6:30 am to arrive in Rochester by 10:00 am, (that's 9:00 am Central time, Rochester is in the Eastern time zone.)

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