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Considering the unfortunate degree of crime in our communities, considering the fact that 1 in 4 women is raped during her lifetime in America, and considering  in over 95% of violent crime cases, the police don't get involved UNTIL AFTER THE CRIME HAS OCCURRED.   I am offering this basic knife defense class to increase the probability of surviving a violent confrontation, with minimal harm to yourself should you be unlucky enough to be chosen as someone's potential victim.  Before you decide that this isn't for you, or you could never cut or stab another human being, consider the following questions/issues: 

1. Very few, if any violent crime victims, ever thought they would become a victim until it happened to them.

2. If your child is killed, you will never see them again, if you are killed, they will never see you again.  Either way, you will never see each other, therefore, never be too quick to say what you couldn't, or wouldn't do to someone who is trying to take your life.  Think about the people who love and depend on you.  What will their life be like, if you are no longer around?

3. Think about your job.  How long would it take you to realize that a person pretending to know your job, didn't really know what they were doing?  Understand that criminals do crime for a living, just like you do your job for a living.  Human predators, like animal predators have a heightened sense of who is prey and who is not.  Most can tell by looking in your eyes, listening to your speech, and looking at your body language to determine if you would really do whatever it took, to defend yourself.  What would "Pookie" see if he looked in your eyes?

4. Not thinking about an unpleasant subject doesn't mean it won't happen to just means you won't know what to do if it does.  Remember, the definition of  panic is knowing something needs to be done immediately, but having absolutely no idea, what to do!!!

5. To quote one of my instructors, “Threats rarely come at us in expected forms, nor at convenient times, and hope is not a strategy!!!

 "A shield isn't made on the battlefield."       Learn to defend yourself today, so you can get some sleep tonight.

When:         Saturday, June 29, 2019

Where:        2548 E. 83rd St., Chicago, Il. 60617

Time           10:00am until 4:00pm

Cost:           $35.00

For additional information contact Gerald Vernon (773) 415-1814




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Concealed Carry Classes - Classroom and Range

Since some sort of knife is legal almost everywhere, and can be used by persons of any size and strength, this course should be considered a priority.

This course is designed for the individual who carries, or desires to carry an edged weapon for self defense.  This course includes stance and movement, cutting and stabbing patterns, deployment , tracking and targeting, blocks and deflections, and much more including empty hand, and improvised weapons.