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When: Saturday March 15, 2020

Where: 2548 E. 83rd St., Chicago, Il. 60617

Time: 8:00 am until 10:30 am

Cost: $35.00 per person age 20 & over, $20.00 for youth under age 20        

Please call to reserve your spot, space is limited.

For more information call 773-415-1814 or visit our web site at:

Real fights do not look neat and pretty, like a choreographed scene from a kung-fu movie.  They are typically unfair, where people employ all types of dirty, nasty tricks to win.  It is the only time when being “civil” is completely inappropriate, and being the ultimate opportunist is the most appropriate thing you could do under the circumstances.  Down & dirty street fighting 101 focuses on tactics and techniques that the average, everyday, unprepared, out of shape, person can use to defend themselves.  It focuses on situational awareness, and how to use fear as an energy source to drive your fight against your opponent.  It looks at very simple but dirty techniques on how to get a person “off you”.  This class also focuses on the use and effective employment of improvised weapons that most people either have on their person every day, or are commonly found.  This would include pens, keys, nail files, glass bottles, books, magazines, eyeglasses, etc. No matter how proficient you are with guns, knives, etc. there will come a moment when you cannot have them with you.  EVERYBODY needs to have some plain vanilla fighting skills

This class will also introduce some basic knife fighting techniques.  This portion will include ways of holding & deploying the knife, physical targets on the human body, and ways of disarming and stripping the knife from your opponent.

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Down & Dirty Street Fighting 101 + Basic Knife Defense

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