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Tactical Treatment of Gunshot and Knife Wounds

If Chicago reached 800 murdered in 2016, how many more were wounded, but didn't die???  Experts agree, the number would have been significantly higher, had it not been for the use of modern medical equipment and techniques.  You don’t have to look for trouble, in order for trouble to find you!

This is a unique opportunity to learn what steps to take to stabilize a victim of a gunshot wound or serious penetrating trauma (including knife wounds) for the 3-30 minutes it may take until the ambulance arrives. This may be a family member, innocent by-stander or even yourself. This class based on principles of tactical medicine is designed for home owners/defenders, firearm instructors, and police/security officers, concerned citizens, etc..

In this class you will learn critical anatomy, ballistic impact, managing the three major causes of death, using hemostatic agents, using tourniquets, putting together a trauma kit for home and vehicle and other topics to keep a person alive until help arrives. This class is presented both as classroom theory and practical hands on training.  Be sure to bring a pen and paper for taking notes.   

Tactical Treatment of Gunshot Wounds is taught by a  paramedic with the Chicago Fire Department with over 31 years of experience on the tough inner city streets.

When:         Sunday, July 25, 2021
Where:        2548 E. 83rd St., Chicago Il, 60617
Time:          10:00 am - 6:00 pm
Cost:           $85.00 (if you wish to use a credit card, you may do so with Pay Pal, via the web site)

From more information, and/ or to register for this class contact Gerald Vernon at 773-415-1814

Be sure to  visit our web site at:

Class size is limited to 20 people.

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