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Concealed Carry Classes - Classroom and Range

WHEN:     Sunday, May 31 and July 19, 2020                                                      

Time:        10:00 am until 4:00 pm

Cost:         $35.00                                            

Location:   2548 E. 83rd St, Chicago, Illinois

A staggering one in four women will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. 22-27% of female, and 6-8 % of male College students, are raped every year. Yet, even in a world where violent attacks are the norm, every person has the right to feel safe and the responsibility to learn to defend herself. At the Personal Protection Consultants Women’s/College student Self Defense Program, we believe one’s power is not in age, gender or physical fitness, but in the art of being prepared. That’s why we teach a range of defense strategies through partner and individual practice, drills and real world scenarios; but most critically, we instill the confidence it will take to apply these strategies when it really counts. To be proactive is to be empowered.

Space is limited. Visit our website at: to reserve your spot today. For more information call 773-415-1814.

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